Monday, February 19, 2007



Loma Linda, CA -- Local couple, Norman McNulty and Joelle Damsteegt, have made a verbal pact, sealed with an undeniably feminine timepiece, that they will proceed with joint plans for a future nuptial ceremony symbolizing their undying love for each other. In other words, Norman and Joelle are officially engaged.

Sources close to the betrothed couple report that wedding plans could be as soon as late summer. An unidentified but dashing young man was seen furtively uploading videos onto YouTube.

"These two individuals should be evaluated by a psychiatrist," said Tim Arakawa, a medical student who just finished with his psychiatry rotation. "They seem to be exhibiting the classic early signs of mania."

Joelle just grinned euphorically from ear-to-ear while Norman resumed his pressured speech and animated gesticulations. "ItalkedtoherparentsinDecemberandtheygavemepermission
anditwasdevastating,justdevastating," stated Norman.

On a related note, Florida citrus growers braced for a winter freeze, a plane ran off a Cleveland airport runway, and Britney Spears shaved her head.