Thursday, July 20, 2006

Confession Time

Yes, I confess: I'm a hypocrite. Although I'm always reminding others to update their blogs, I've been slacking on my own blog lately. Here is a list of what has been keeping me away from the blogosphere.

  1. Moving. Yes, I have moved out of the dorm (Daniells Hall) and am now renting a house with two roommates! Both roommates, Adrian and Bill, are members of Advent HOPE and great guys to live with. More about our new house later, including photos!
  2. Family. Recently, my family has been visiting me more often. My parents helped me move one weekend and my sister visited from Wildwood for almost a month. It was great to have some quality time with the family. I'll post more about our trip down Highway 1 and other adventures.
  3. GYC. A lot of things are happening on the GYC front these days. Chief among these are the soon-to-open GYC registration which debuts a completely new, built-from-scratch online registration system that should eliminate much of the confusion of past years, the release of all the GYC mp3s from last year's conference, and special Board of Directors meetings. We had one in June and perhaps more scheduled for August and October!
  4. Internet Downtime. While I was moving in and for a short time thereafter, I exited the information superhighway due to lack of an internet connection, or for that matter, a telephone line. Without access to email and other cyberluxuries, I began to realize how much internet has changed our lives. Internet is what keeps all our ministries going, from the Audioverse website to the Advent HOPE newsletter to the huge number of committee emails that keep GYC and The Josiah Ministry running smoothly.
  5. Toys. Of the electronic kind. More on this later.

Thank you, Joelle, for your gentle reminder to not "neglect" my blog. To all of you who make this site part of your daily routine and have been daily disappointed for two and a half months, I apologize. Please see my first blog entry for more information. If you haven't made it part of your daily routine, you really should...because I'm going to be updating more often from now on.