Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Very Late Breaking News!

Berrien Springs, MI--On August 12, 2007, Norman and Joelle were married in a simple but elegant ceremony at the seminary chapel at Andrews University, MI. Sources close to the couple have confirmed that the bride was beautiful, the groom was neurologically intact, and that the wedding cake was vegan.

"I thought the ushers did a great job," remarked the newly-married Joelle McNulty. "And that wedding slideshow during the reception was absolutely delightful!"

When asked about his role in the wedding, Norman turned red and mumbled something about not remembering anything after "The Kiss." He also asked directions for getting to Chicago O'Hare Airport and began babbling in French.

In related news, former Governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson withdrew as a candidate for the Republican nomination in the United States presidential election; Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister of Iraq, called for emergency talks with Iraq's political leaders; and Karl Rove decided to resign his position as Chief of Staff in the White House.

For photos, click here. For the wedding slideshow, see below.

Wedding Slideshow Part 1

Wedding Slideshow Part 2

Happy 1-month anniversary to the McNultys!