Friday, May 05, 2006

May Reading List

All right, it's time for my May Reading List.

Just Finished Reading

Testimonies vol 1 by Ellen White
Testimonies on Sabbath School Work by Ellen White
Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents by an Asian American team
Cleanse and Close by Larry Kirkpatrick
Miracles Happen Every Day by Robert Pierson

Currently Reading

The Holy Bible by God
Faith I Live By by Ellen White
Medical Ministry by Ellen White
Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith
Here We Stand edited by Samuel Pipim
Digital Audio Essentials by Bruce and Marty Fries

Bonus: Book Report

Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents is a great book for Asian American Christians who seek to understand how their Asian heritage and their American culture can fit with their Christian values. The first six chapters are excellent and deal with the Confucian roots of many Asian cultures versus the individualistic roots of Western society. They deal with honoring parents, performance pressures, and self-understanding.

The second half of the book is less helpful, mostly because the authors come from an evangelical, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship perspective. For instance, they advocate a role of leadership for women in the church that is not Biblical.

Overall, the first part of the book is recommended for anyone who seeks to understand the issues unique to Asian-American Christians. Read the second half with Berean discernment.

A couple more book reports will be forthcoming...