Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Haiku of the Month (April through June 2008)

I've been polishing my scientific writing skills recently yet I don't want to let my newly-acquired haiku proficiency get too rusty. If you are unfamiliar with this ancient Japanese poetry genre, click here. Below are the haiku poems for April, May and June.

Wedding Haiku

Eleven o’clock
On twentieth of July
Two thousand and eight.

Wong Kerlee Center
And University Church
You are invited

That day I marry
My friend, my companion, and
My bride, Sunny Kim.

July twenty-one
If you come to our wedding
You are very late.


Uterine function,
Of long-term hypoxic sheep,
My PhD please.

Seventh-day Adventism

Sabbath, prophecy
Christ’s coming, sanctuary,
And state of the dead.

If you could sum up SDA beliefs into a haiku poem, how would you write it? Can you write haiku better than I can? Prove it by submitting your entries below!