Sunday, July 05, 2009

Top Ten Teaser

For my two remaining loyal readers, I want to let you know that, no, I haven't "dropped off the face of the earth" as some may have assumed. I have just been extremely busy. However, to placate the disgruntled, I will disclose a list of proposed upcoming posts. If you are especially interested in a certain topic, feel free to let me know and I'll try to expedite it.

Top Ten Potential Blog Posts:
  1. Highlights from Trip to South Korea
  2. Photos/Thoughts from My Final Graduation
  3. Recollections from The Big Move
  4. Photo Album of The New Old House
  5. Top 5 Things I Miss in California
  6. Top 5 Things I Enjoy in Ohio
  7. First Call as an Intern!
  8. Audioverse Updates!
  9. Selected Haiku
  10. Updated Reading List

P.S. The more you comment, the more likely it is that I'll update :)