Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Double Delight: New Photo Gallery and New Reading List!

Those photos that I promised have finally arrived. You can find them in the Photo section under "Northern California Highlights." Many of them are related to the Top Ten Memories found in the previous post. Click here to go straight to them (they will open in a new window).

In other news, my reading list has a few changes to it. I finished Hindsight and added a couple of new books. Here is the current list in all its glory:

Currently reading
  1. The Holy Bible (as always)
  2. Reflecting Christ by Ellen G. White (will be reading this for the rest of the year)
  3. Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith (I've made it through Revelation 12 or so)
  4. Adventist Home by Ellen G. White (still reading with Sunny; almost done)
  5. Uterine Function: Molecular and Cellular Aspects by Mary Carsten and Jordan Miller (haven't actually started but have started carrying it around as if I were)
  6. A Response to the Video: Seventh-day Adventism - the Spirit Behind the Church by Bob Pickle (answering questions raised by the anti-SDA video from Jeremiah Films)
  7. Testimonies vol 1 by Ellen G. White (fascinating)

I know I said I wouldn't add any more books to my reading list until I was finished with the others but I've only added two (and finished one). I added 1T as part of devotional time and the Bob Pickle book I only read when I'm exercising. I realized that I could be reading that Uterine Function book until I graduate (whenever that is) and so I decided that it didn't count against me. However, books about digital photography or web design or learning Illustrator, etc are banned until further notice.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Northern California Highlights

Recently Sunny and I went on a whirlwind tour of Northern California. We visited St. Helena for a wedding, I stopped by my home in Santa Rosa for almost two days, and we finished it off by attending ASI. Sunny has already detailed the highlights in her blog but here is a list of my Top Ten personal favorites.

Top Ten Memories List
    1. The thriving tourism industry in Solvang, CA (Danish capital of America and no, we did not visit a pastry shop)
    2. An absolutely breathtaking panoramic photo of the waterfall at Julia Pfieffer State Park (I give all the credit to Mr. Holland for this one)
    3. Seeing the Messiah's Mansion, a full-scale replica of the Mosaic tabernacle, at Soquel Campmeeting (based on an 18-inch cubit, taller and narrower than I expected)
    4. The fish that was almost boiled alive at Jim and Sara's wedding (Mr. Holland to the rescue!)
    5. My fourth or fifth visit at Elmshaven in the last couple years (I always learn something new)
    6. My dad's temporary racing vehicle (allegedly sponsored by Valley Tire and Brake) while his van was in the shop
    7. The always spectacular Hall of Flowers at the Sonoma County Fair (which also tested my incredibly RAW photographic talent and I'm not talking about a digital photo format)
    8. How James Hartley got his shirt ironed at the Sonoma County Fair (with space age materials I might add)
    9. Helping set up the all-new AMEN booth with the Finleys and getting drafted to help with the AMEN Physician's Luncheon (thanks for the meal Dr. James!)
    10. Hearing Ed Reid present Last Day Events at the ASI youth meeting

If you don't think you've had enough, I should have at least one picture related to each of these highlights in an upcoming photo gallery. Expect them to sneak online within two weeks...