Sunday, January 21, 2007

Isabella Strikes Again!

For all of you in the Isabella Fan Club, it's time for another update. As many of you know, Isabella has been living in New Mexico for the past year. However, she visited Loma Linda recently and sat down with me for a quick interview.

Tim: Hi Isabella. Thank you for being here with us. How old are you?

Isabella: Three-and-a-half.

Tim: Wow. You're really getting big now. I hear that you've recently joined the Adventurers Club. Do you know the Adventurer's Pledge?

Tim: That was incredible! I hear that you are musically gifted as well. Can you sing a song for me?

Tim: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today.

For more photos, click here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Year Anniversary Statistics 2006

Website Traffic

Total Pageloads: 17,421
Total Unique Visitors: 4,747
Total U.S. Cities Visiting: 165+
Total Countries Visiting: 20+

Website Content

Total Blog Entries: 39
Total Photos: 90
Total Photo Albums: 8

Website Progress

Percent Website Completed: 67%
Percent Satisfied Subscribers: 100%

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ceaseless Wonders

Speaking of wonders never ceasing, here is what I saw as I left for the hospital today. That white stuff on the ground is known in many parts of the world as "snow." According to many textbooks, it is a result of precipitation during temperatures below freezing.

Apparently, we received a dusting of snow overnight. It was actually a combination of a wet snow and sleet, and, of course, it melted away by mid-morning, but the mountains are still very beautiful. I believe that this is the first time it has snowed in Loma Linda since I've been here.

I know that some of you live in Michigan or Alaska or maybe Antarctica. Perhaps you are used to driving dogsleds and losing fingers and toes to frostbite. Snow is no big deal to you. But to those of us in SoCal where the winter daytime temperatures never drop below 50 degrees F, it's a virtual blizzard.

Note: Check out the snow on the palm tree. Isn't that just weird?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

GYC 2006: By Every Word

As Norman says, Merry New Year! Since I begin my Psychiatry rotation tomorrow, I thought I had better post something before things get busy again.

GYC 2006 was powerful this year. Almost 2600 young people registered for the conference and 4000 attended on Sabbath. (I mention this to debunk the rumor that 5000-6000 people were present on Sabbath morning. This is not true!) Compared to last year, the quality was improved all around, and many have been heard saying that it is perhaps one of the best conferences we've had yet (except for maybe the first one at Pine Springs Ranch). The theme was "By Every Word" and emphasized the need for the Word of God in all aspects of our lives. All the speakers were excellent as were the seminars and plenary sessions. Highlights included:
  1. Stirring messages and appeals from Peter Gregory and David Asscherick each morning and evening;
  2. Ted Wilson's plenary session where he exhorted GYC to continue to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem;
  3. Hearing James Black, the NAD youth director, saying positive things about GYC. Of course, he also promoted Just Claim It (a conference organized by the NAD Youth Department that is similar yet so different);
  4. Attending the Waters' seminar (one of 17 different simultaneous seminars) on relationships which I thought was well done. It's nice to see people who are practicing what they preach;
  5. During the networking session, praying with 30-40 students from various Adventist college campuses around the country for their schools and for GYC;
  6. A much more efficient registration process thanks to Alistair Huong, Rob Durkin, Addison Huong, and their team;
  7. Seeing several Adventist campus student leaders whom I worked with while in the Adventist Intercollegiate Association now giving their lives to God's work and getting involved in GYC;
  8. Seeing people beginning to break out into spontaneous prayer sessions or Bible studies just like we used to in Pine Springs Ranch and Ann Arbor;
  9. Giving the opening night welcome on Wednesday evening and the Something Is Happening segment on Thursday evening;
  10. Seeing and spending time with my family.

For a sampling of pics, click here.

To view various videotaped plenary sessions, click here.

GYC 2007 will be held in Minneapolis, MN on December 19-23. You really won't want to miss it. Plan to BE there!