Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Isabella Han Epilogue

I have amazing news to tell you! You are not going to believe this but Isabella came back! Personally, I do not believe that we can rule out the possibility that she came back in response to my Official Isabella Han Photo Gallery. However, there could have been other reasons as well...

Tonight Norman and I met up with Peter and Elena (Isabella's parents) for some supper at Jackpot (Thai food). Here is a list of Isabella's accomplishments for the evening:
  1. counting cars (one, two, three cars!)
  2. pointing out every single motorcycle that passed on the street
  3. exclaiming over how "big" the SUVs were
  4. giving her mommy a big, spontaneous hug when mommy arrived at the restaurant
  5. singing "Do Re Mi" from the Sound of Music at the top of her lungs
  6. saying the loudest "AMEN!" after her daddy's prayers
  7. taking our used styrofoam containers and "delivering" them to the restaurant owner at the cash register
  8. asking to sit in Uncle Tim's lap
  9. yelling "good-bye!" to the restaurant owner at the top of her lungs about 15 times while waving
  10. giving Uncle Tim and Uncle Norman good-bye hugs (and then shaking our hands!)
Isabella, it's good to have you back...

By the way, you can visit Isabella too. Just click here.