Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July Reading List

How about a listing of the most recent books that I've been reading (including current ones)?

Just finished reading

  1. Education by Ellen G. White (a fresh look at what true education is all about)
  2. Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst (great beginning web design book)
  3. Creating Web Graphics for Dummies by two authors I forget (easy to understand but most concepts are covered in Book #2)

Currently reading

  1. The Holy Bible (of course)
  2. Reflecting Christ by Ellen G. White (does this count? I'm reading it for my devotions)
  3. Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith (I confess, I skipped Daniel and went straight for Revelation)
  4. Hindsight by Dave Fiedler (a dense but fair IMO treatment of Adventist church history; a must read for most Adventists)
  5. Adventist Home by Ellen G. White (reading with Sunny Kim :-)
  6. Uterine Function: Molecular and Cellular Aspects by Mary Carsten and Jordan Miller (definitive tome on my field of research)

And now for a proclamation...I will not, should not start any new books until I finish these current ones (ok, except for the devotional and worship books). Although I'm just itching to get my hands on some books on the sanctuary (since a full-scale model of the Mosaic sanctuary is coming to Loma Linda soon) but more on that later...


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